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Welcome to GIVING™ – a greeting card company dedicated to better living by giving.

We started this company with passions for great design, art and music, nested with a need to make a little difference in this big world. We looked inside to see what made us happy. It was actually very simple. Helping make others happy made us happy. And so this became our mission.

Designing cards and getting to work with talented creatives are just icing. The best part is knowing someone will help someone else feel better. That’s the beauty of giving cards.

The beauty of giving a GIVING™ card is that feeling of making someone happy goes a step further. We are committed to helping people live a better quality of life. So if a child needs school supplies or a neighbor needs a wheelchair, it’s our goal to help. Happiness really does come full circle by GIVING™.

brent + linda

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GIVING's first project:
building a wheelchair ramp for a couple in north carolina.
GIVINGs first project
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GIVING in the news:
wagt, the augusta nbc affiliate, honored linda motto as "woman of the week."
nbc26 interview
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